The prong collar

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March 28, 2018
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The prong collar

Prong collar- let’s test!

The prong collar is a communication device between you and your dog. It’s mostly used during obedience training . 

The prong collar works on the concept that evenly applied pressure is more gentle and effective on a dog’s neck than the quick jerk and impact of a choke chain. The limiting tightening action of the prong collar also makes it a safer choice for strong-pulling dogs. .

Another aspect of the prong collar is the simulation of a natural “correction” that dogs give to each other . If you watch a couple of dogs interact, you will notice that a lot of mouthing behavior takes place. Dogs have evolved over tens of thousands of years to tolerate the toothy attention of their canine friends and family, usually in play or posturing and sometimes in a more serious mode.

I use it on obedience. After the dog clearly understands the command and has a lot of reward history with sit or heel, I start using it to ensure compliance.

I never use it to fix fear aggressive dogs. The pressure can make the aggression worse. But my clients end it up loving it since it makes a pop and release which makes corrections even easy.


It goes high up in the neck. This is a 3mm Sprenger, and I am going to test it on my neck. I am going to open it by pulling out any of the legs and place it around my neck. As you can see its high up my neck.  Dogs tend to have a higher pain tolerance than humans, and you can see from the pulling I am doing that this is not causing me a lot of pain.

We are going to show you guys how to start using it to build a positive association between you and your doggie, how to properly fit it and how to introduce it properly. So stay tuned!




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