Easy and Affordable Longevity Hacks

Easy and Affordable Longevity Hacks
May 5, 2022 Daniela Carrera
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You are what you eat, do and breathe, and so is your dog. Unfortunately they can’t make wise decisions on their own. They trust our good judgment to make the right choices for them. Dogs, like any other living being, need a healthy diet and a clean environment to be their best. 

Yes! You can advocate for your dogs health and help him live longer. We have put together a summary of our favorite longevity hacks in this article. Easy, simple choices are the best ones to help you get started. 

 1.        Your domesticated wolf diet should consist primarily of fat and protein. Add semi cooked beef, chicken and organs to your dogs kibble to promote metabolic function and promote vitality. Dogs are not meant to eat carbs or starch, so try to minimize the amount of carbs your dog is eating. 

  1. Dogs are adaptive to fasting or starvation, feeding your dog all of it’s calorie requirements in one meal, one time a day will slow aging, maintain cellular use, prompts greater energy, increases fat burning, and decreases risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. 
  1. The healthier pups are the ones that spend time outside. Unfortunately those are the same ones that are naturally exposed to toxins. Using superfoods as bowl toppers like Blueberries, cooked yellow squash, carrots, green beans will give your pooch extra power to fight those chemicals that are laying in your rug or grass while he sleeps.
  1. Chemicals we use in our home are harder for dogs to wash off. Ventilate your house and get some fresh air moving, use organic cleaners and laundry soap to wash your dogs blankets and beds. Get organic cleaners, avoid toys and chews made with PVC, lead and formaldehyde.


  1. Switch the canned food or treats you use as toppers and replace it with veggies or protein left overs. Just watch out for how much onion or garlic you cooked it with. Real foods promote brain function, keep cortisol levels down (which helps with anxiety), nourishes cells and of course, promotes longevity genes. Add herbs like cilantro  , turmeric and  rosemary as food toppers to  enhance your dogs quality of life . Cilantro is know for its heavy metal detoxification, turmeric for  improving cognition and rosemary for its antiflamatory properties.
  1. Give life to your dogs breakfast by adding eggs to add brain function and memory 
    1. Wash your dogs paws every two, three days to wash off carcinogens and a heavy load of household pesticides from your backyard and neighbors yard. Unfortunately these compounds can increase the occurrence of cancer cells by 5-7 times. Remember, dogs only sweat from their paws and nose. So they absorb chemicals through those surfaces.
    1. Spice up your dogs bowl by using medicinal herbs , many found in your spice kitchen drawer. This is an easy and inexpensive way to provide medicinal compounds .  Ginger releases oxidative stress in animals. Parsley flushes toxins and basil helps prevent cellular damage.
  1. Flavor you pups water with green or black tea to protect the body against cellular damage and protect the heart.  
  1. Supplement your dogs health by adding Sam-E to his diet to help relieve depression and anxiety and carnosine and chlorella for dogs that eat more than 50 percent of processed food. 
  1. Get your dog dirty! It not only helps him build antibodies but soil microbes are proven to help regulate neurotransmitters that affect your pups emotional state. 

For longevity homemade recipes and tips visit theforeverdog.com. Dr. Becker has inspired us to share this information and we are committed to doing small significant changes that are going to help our pups live longer. 

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