10 things your dog needs to live a full and healthy life

10 things your dog needs to live a full and healthy life
May 24, 2020 Daniela Carrera
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1. Give your dog physical stimulation EVERYDAY.

As the old saying goes “a tired dog is a happy dog” . Dogs wake up with a certain amount of energy they need to expend  to feel balanced and happy.

Independently of the breed, almost all companion dogs need to exercise 3 times a day. i do a  20-30 minute play or training session 3 times a day and thats usually enough for my dogs to be calm and collected.


2 . Clean your pups teeth 1 or 2 times a week.

Dogs should brush their teeth after every meal just like us humans, but being realistic, almost nobody has the time to do this. I, personally brush my dogs teeth 1-2 times a week. You can easily incorporate this into your dogs cleaning routine.

Cleaning your dogs teeth is a long run investment. It can prevent a major gum disease that can put your pup at risk for liver, heart and kidney problems and also, who doesn’t like to smell their doggies fresh smell?

Here’s the thing, DOGS HATE TO GET THERE TEETH CLEANED. But, we have to start slow to ensure it is a good experience. The first few days just show him the brush and reward him immediately. Then, put a flavored toothpaste on the brush and let him taste it. I make a fun voice and brush him 2-3 times followed by a treat. Slowly build up to brushing more and more. If your dog is showing signs of total disagreement stop and go back to what you were doing before and take tender, easy steps.

If you keep forgetting to do it pick a day that you will like to start and do it after your dogs dinner or breakfast. Habits are more successfully acquired by a person when they are followed by an activity we were used to doing in the first place. If you have a few months doing it once a week you can start doing it two or even three times a week. Your dog will appreciate getting more treats and love from you and his healthy mouth will show happiness.


3. Clean your doggie’s ears once a week.

Cleaning your furry friend’s ears should never be avoided. Vets recommend to do it once a week to prevent ear infections and damage. Also, if you want to keep him with a nice smell, this should be your go to spot. Dogs accumulate wax and dirt in their ears and it’ s really stinky.

Reward your dog with food before, during and after the cleaning process. This will make the experience much more comfortable for both of you. Use cotton balls, cotton pads or twisters if your dog has a lot of hair on his ears. Be gentle and avoid the deeper portion of the ear canal.

Pick a day of the week and stick with it. I recommend doing it the same day that you clean your pups teeth so you remember to do it. Give him lots of affection when you are done.


4. Mental stimulation

For dogs, mental exercise is way more tiring than physical exercise. Mental stimulation refers to any type of dog training, it can be obedience, agility, trick training or others. Also, there are toys that promote brain stimulation and keep your doggie busy. Kong and Starmark products have the best interactive toys on the market.

Dog training promotes relaxation, enhances communication and strengthes the bond with your dog. Obedience is great to teach a dog that there are rules to follow.

I cant recommend dog training enough. Your dog is meant to work and have a purpose. Even of the dog is a house dog it will want to work to please you as a pack leader and they do enjoy it!


5. Have a routine.

A dog’s brain is meant to work with a routine. They work better if they know what to expect on a daily basis. This will make their life more balanced and relaxed.


6. Keep him motivated by doing new things.

Take your dog hiking, swimming , to Home Depot or two a friends house. This helps with his socialization. It is good to expose your pup to different dogs, people, and experiences every once in a while .


7. Brush your dog every week

Independently of your dogs type of hair. Doggie parents should brush their hair at least once a week. Brushing distributes your pups natural oil, prevents it from shedding more, keeps your house clean and your dog looking good.

Look up the best brush depending on your dogs coat. The internet has numerous options for brushes.

Teach your dog to STAND before and during brushing by holding a treat next to your dogs nose , move it forward if he is in a sitting or lay position. Once your dog stands reward him. If he sits back down do it again and reward him. Work on stays adding time slowly between your rewards. Brush him one or two times and then reward him . Keep adding time between your rewards. Then, once you’ve worked on this for a few weeks reward him at the beginning and at the end of the brush. This will make its brushing experience much more pleasurable and will make it easier for you to control him and do the job.


9. Give your dog vitamins

Depending on your dogs breed, it will requiere certain vitamins that will be good for his skin and coat, bones, and others. Search for what the breed usually lacks and give him the right amount of supplements. Also, his food might have the vitamin you have your eye on. So watch out for that as well.

I also like to get extra vitamins for my pups from fruits and vegetables, like bananas, carrots and apples. I cut them, put them in my treat pouch, and voila! Yummy treats that support their immune system.


10. Count the calories

Did you know 50 million dogs in the US are overweight? That’s extremely sad because they don’t control their resources, we do. Some of the reasons why this is dangerous for our furry friends are: arthritis, tumors and heart and breathing conditions.

You can count your pups calories very easily. Take a look at this chart from Ohio State University: https://vet.osu.edu/vmc/companion/our-services/nutrition-support-service/basic-calorie-calculator. If you are not a fan of mathematics, here’s a calorie calculator : https://www.petnutritionalliance.org/dog.php
You can also look at the back of his food bag. Treats should only be 10 percent of your dogs diet and need to be counted in the total calorie count.

If you have any questions don’t forget to email me at info@traingooddogs.com. I love to hear from you!

Daniela Carrera
Dog Trainer Specialist

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