Ana Julia & Tita

Ana Julia & Tita
December 17, 2019 Daniela Carrera
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Her name is Anajulia Eguiguren, a complication at birth caused severe cerebral palsy. It was impossible to think that she would survive the first year at home, however 5 years later she and her family are still making progress. Every day she works intensely on her therapy in search of her recovery. Little by little she learned to sit alone. With assistance, she is able to go to school and share everything a child of her age gets to experience. She loves animals and her contact with them is almost magical! With the help of Tita she is going to improve her mobility and greatly enhance her quality of life.
Tita’s Tasks are the following :
1. Provide stability for Ana Julia
2. Mobility Assistance during physical therapy
                    3. Flip Ana Julia when she is choking

                   4. Use repetitive touch to provide tactile stimulation that activates             nerve signals beneath the skin’s surface that inform the body of texture, temperature and other touch-sensation

         5. Retrieve emergency kit to the nurse
Tita was acquired by Good Dogs Training in January 2019. Were she began socializing and doing basic training in different environments.
On May 2019, she took a trip to meet her child. We wanted to make sure Ana Julia was going to be comfortable and that they will click before continuing with more advanced task training, and they did!
We spent a couple of weeks with Ana Julia so Tita can get a sense of Ana Julia’s schedule and begin the bonding process. We started teaching Tita the “flip” command and we worked on “touch” and stability as well.

After the introductory phase we went back to Virginia to continue with our obedience training, socialization and task training.

In December, 2019, we went to visit Ana Julia to get a final test before delivery. Tita did amazing and we started leaving her overnight on some of the days with her new family.

In this present time, June 2020, Tita is getting trained with very high distractions, sharpening her tasks and we are waiting for things to go back to normal as the world recovers from COVID19 before delivering Tita to her new home. Will be going to Ecuador for a few weeks at the end of the year to make sure she is well accustomed to her new environment.

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