Seizure Alert and Assistance Dogs

Our seizure alert and assistance dogs are trained to alert 80% of time and respond to numerous symptoms and specific behaviors. These dogs can be trained to do a variety of tasks, including barking to alert others when a seizure occurs, moving in a way to protect the person having the seizure, or activating an alarm.


We start by doing puppy imprinting at a very early age. The first contact puppies make with humans is made to be extremely positive. We clicker condition the puppies from when they are newborns. This helps a puppy develop positive fundamental associations with training tools and methods, helping the process when the puppy enters formal training.

We start to monitor temperament at an early age, and we pick the soft temperament that we believe will work well in our services. They are then exposed to a variety of external stimulation like loud busy streets, crowded rooms, cities, buildings, machines and tools, etc.


We start to build positive associations with every command. We start with basic obedience training and progress into advanced off-leash training. We teach the dog to perform the tasks with the person who is going to need them for their disability, and we generalize it to numerous people to ensure the training can be transferred to the final owner.


We meet the owners on numerous visits before we introduce the dog to begin training. This allows us to see the environment and begin training with the owner while we finalize the training for the dog. Then we perform training with the owner and the dog together, assisting and guiding the new owner in the proper way to utilize and bond with the dog.

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