Develop a joyful balanced relationship with your dog through dog training!

Having a better understanding of how your dog thinks and perceives his world will strengthen your communication and enhance your bond.

Our unique training program will be based on your dog needs and will adjust to your lifestyle and goals. We believe in short successful training sessions that will keep your pup attentive and ready, while tiring him out and repeating actions we want him to perform in the future.

Unwanted behaviors like excessive barking, inappropriate elimination, begging, aggression and anxiety often come from a deeper root.

Let us help you identify what is causing these issues and properly fix them using training techniques that will be unique to your dog’s temperament and personality.

We want to create happy and confident dogs that want to please us because they understand what we expect from them.

Steps to follow according to your needs:

1. Request a private class

Online Class

USD$ 150

In Home Class

USD$ 200

Fill out our private class contact form. We will get in touch with you and schedule a time for in person consultation. Our team of experts will contact you to schedule a first-time consultation and temperament test. (If you are outside Northern Virginia there is an extra cost for transportation).

When the personality test and questions are completed we will develop a unique training approach for your dog. We will discuss the new rules or exercises that will help with our plan and we will develop a list of estimated classes to meet the training goals.

Private Class Contact Form

2. Get a package

Good Citizen Program

USD $960


  • 8 private lessons

Learn to manage your dog inside and outside the house!

Perfect for new puppies in the house or first time owners. Our main focus usually is in home manners, potty training and we teach you how to get rid of undesirable behaviors like excessive jumping or barking.

We also teach your dog 3-minute sit, 5-minute down, 10-minute place, come, heel and stay with a 6-foot leash. All the commands are going to be taught in different environments and will work on distractions. A dog that communicates clearly and fluently with its owner its a happy one!

Happy Dog Program

USD $1150


  • 10 private lessons

Train you dog from basic to intermediate obedience. Larger stays, implied sits and loose leash heeling . We work on our out in public performance and our demo dogs join our classes to help train your pup!

Super Dog Program

USD $1,680


  • 16 private lessons

Basic to Advanced Obedience, Behavior Modification, off leash healing, sit, down, come and stays, clicker games and Competitive Obedience!

We also cover things like: Airport training for emotional support dogs, public transportation performance and obedience in high distraction environments.

Therapy Dog Program

USD $2,400


  • 24 private lessons
  • 3 group lessons

Train your dog to help other people in our community and join our group classes with our Therapy Dogs and Service Dogs in training.

Train your dog to become a Therapy Dog


 Our therapy dogs are trained dogs owned by our clients and that live in our own community. They joined group therapy classes and are well socialized to visit different environments such as schools, daycares, group homes and rehabilitation centers. A lot of our previously aggressive but rehabilitated dogs join our program and share something new and fulfilling with their owners!

Their roles vary from dogs that give learning-disabled children the confidence to read out loud or to actively participating in physical rehabilitation therapy. In some cases, a therapy dog will work in an establishment exclusively, such as a psychotherapy practice.

Pay per class


In home classes


Online classes


Send your dog for boarding and training

Cost per day


Come and meet our facility and schedule time for your pup to spend some time with our team of dog training specialists. We will work with your dog five times a day. Depending on your training goal we will recommend a number of days to get him there! At the end of the training we will do a long class to show you what your pup has learned and how to properly work with your “new” doggie.

3. Consistency and repetition are the keys to be successful in dog training

For in home and online classes, we typically meet every two or three weeks to give you time to work on some homework and training. You will get free dog training tips for a lifetime when you are working with us and we encourage you to always keep your dog motivated to learn new things. Dogs are meant to work for us, that is their whole purpose in life.

Start now! Schedule an appointmet with us!