Top 10 reasons to train your dog

Top 10 reasons to train your dog
March 28, 2018 admin

Dogs are well known for living in the moment, they share unconditional love and embrace simple things. A lot of people couldn’t imagine a life without their best friend. But what can we give in return? Dogs were made to contribute to their families (“the pack”). Our relationship with our dogs is based on pleasing one another. When they were wolves their job was to protect us. Then their job began to spread and multitask with the development of new breads! Now dogs hunt, herd, protect, comfort, guide and can perform an almost infinite number of tasks. They just want to know what we expect from them. 

Dog training can greatly improve your dogs health, strengthen your bond together, and create fun and enjoyable activities for you to share. Anxiety will decrease with mental stimulation. He will learn how to control his own world, establish good relationships with other people and pets. You’ll be allowed to spend more time with your dog, decrease and eliminate behavior issues, and even save your dog from potentially dangerous situations! Teaching your dog basic commands such as “wait at the door” can save your dog from running out into a busy street. “Leave it” can save your pet from swallowing medication that was accidentally dropped on the floor. Communication will be more effective from both sides and you will spend a valuable and rich life next to the most affective and amazing creature on the planet! 

1. Solidify the bond 
2. Increased understanding and communication between you and your dog 
3. More enjoyable time spent with your family and dog 
4. Training removes bad habits 
5. Mental stimulation and training are good for your dog 
6. Gives your dog sense of purpose 
7. Trained dogs are more mentally fit, and tend to be returned to shelters less often 
8. Training increases a sense of awareness and security, building confidence 
9. Less worry for you the owner 
10. Trained dogs are less likely to cause issues in the home and neighborhood

Also, training makes your dog stay away from problems and in the end can sabe your dogs life. We work weith numerous behavior problems, like fear agression, territorial agression, resource dominance, dominance agression, and neurotic behavior. We have proof that just by teaching your dog some control, the good behavior extends beyond the ability to perfom the tasks he was trained. Your dog will begin to be a better housemate and will behave. If you teach your dog that returning to you is a rewarded task, he will never have the tendency to run away and not return when called. It is important to understand the value of a reward. Dog training solidifies the communication owner and dog. Teaching your dog new tasks and putting some limits on your dog would make you the leader of the pack. Dogs think differently than humans, and they need to understand their place and job in their family (“the pack”) and the faster the owner learns how to communicate effectively with their dog, the faster the dog can begin to play a contributing role to the family.

Starting the training early is a critical step, for both owner and dog. Early temperment training, socialization, and obedience training help to créate the foundational personality and behaviors that can keep dogs from getting in trouble. The early training can help sabe dogs lives and prevent issues in a home, and dogs that are trained Young are far less likely to end up in a shelter.

The Consequences Of An Untrained Dog

Without proper training, your dog will have health issues. Not providing adequate physically exercise for your dog can affect his heart and cause your pet to have higher stress levels. This can become an issue in the neighborhood because an untrained dog is more likely to become aggressive and destructive. A dog that is not house trained will not be allowed in pet friendly businesses and areas. Dogs that are not mentally trained will be more likely to show agressive behavior. 

It is never too late to start making a difference for your dog. We now offer therapy group classes at our campus. Tricks and clicker training classes start soon, taught by Daniela Carrera.


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