• Apr202020

    Dog Agility at home

    Agility training reinforces obedience, improves confidence in your dog, strengthens your communication and helps your dog burn energy and improve mood. Agility requires both mental and physical effort from your…

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  • Apr062020

    Cool tricks to teach your puppy

    Puppies are always ready to learn. They are like sponges, absorbing everything we teach them. Is important that they understand what we want. A good way to do that is…

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  • Dec172019

    Ana Julia & Tita

    Her name is Anajulia Eguiguren, a complication at birth caused severe cerebral palsy. It was impossible to think that she would survive the first year at home, however 5 years…

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  • Apr042019

    How to teach your dog to put away toys

    This is one of my favorite tricks. Get ready for some fun with your pup! 1.Teach fetch: Fetch You will need: Toys Bowl or box Clicker and Treats 1. Place…

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  • Sep062018

    Increasing back leg strength and core strength in your dog

    Targeting your dog’s back legs and core with specific exercises is a smart strategy. You can prevent hip dysplasia at early age by improving your pups performance, coordination and posture.…

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  • Aug292018

    Get better healthier treats! Our favorite recipe

      As a dog trainer and mom, I always want to keep treats as healthy and high value as possible. Having a dog like Theo, my 4-year-old Mastiff is quite…

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