• Jun282020

    Ways to help your dog get back to our new normal

    1. Socialize him to the same furry friends. Do you have friends that own dogs your pup can socialize with? Set up play dates for you and your dog! Seeing…

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  • Jun132020

    How to cowork with your dog

    Who doesn’t want to have his best friend nearby while working? Dogs are natural stress relievers. They bring us comfort and love and can help us deal with uncomfortable or…

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  • Apr132020

    5 DC Hikes to do with your dog

    Having a 4 legged trail buddy will enhance the experience in a unique way. It will help you and your dog get out of the urban life stress while enjoying…

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  • Jun082020

    5 behaviors every dog owner should reward

    Look at me. This trick takes a few months of preparation . But it is the best dog training introduction your dog can have. Saying a word or calling your…

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  • May032020

    Teach your dog not to pull on the leash

    To begin I want to explain a fundamental concept in dog training.  Dogs learn with operant conditioning. Meaning positive consequences are more likely to occur in the future if we reward…

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  • Apr272020

    Our favorite dog training treats

    When picking the best training treats for your dog you should avoid synthetic preservatives and high quantities of sodium. Calories are also something to monitor when selecting treats. Treats should…

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