Our favorite dog training treats

Our favorite dog training treats
April 27, 2020 Daniela Carrera
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When picking the best training treats for your dog you should avoid synthetic preservatives and high quantities of sodium. Calories are also something to monitor when selecting treats. Treats should not be more than 10% of the daily caloric needs of a pet. Some grains in the mix are ok. Dogs are meant to eat grains, unless they have a specific allergy to grains. Look for these ingredients: whole meats, grains, fruits, and vegetables. 

As pet owners, we want to get affordable, high quantity, small, healthy, and delicious treats. 

Treats in a bag:

1.Little Jacs by Bil Jac

My favorite dog treats in the whole world! They are easy for dogs to chew. They have great ingredients. Also, I have never met a dog that didn’t like Bil Jac. 

I started using Bil Jac at dog training school back when the only thing available was a big bag of Bil Jac frozen dog treats. You had to break the big mass into small balls. That was what I would use for testing too. We often trained 5 times a day with each dog and Bil Jac was the only treat that will not upset our dogs stomachs after lots of treats without losing the high value.

Very cheap too! You can get a bag of 500 treats for only $12. These treats are very easy to chew, low calorie and small.

2. Royal Canin dog treats

5 calories each treat. They can be broken into small parts and dogs love it! I recently discovered these treats. I’ve been feeding Royal Canin kibble to my dogs and their food is amazing. They always feature high- quality protein sources, but now they’ve become even better, offering food created specifically for our favorite dog breeds. Royal Canin also has the best-medicated food in the market.

The treats are created with this same mindset and support specific dietary needs. The therapeutic diet treats come in a variety of options: Hydrolyzed Protein, Gastrointestinal, Urinary, Satiety and Regular.

Price for a big bag is about $10

3. Zuke’s mini natural dog treats

Canine approved flavor tiny treats. I recommend these treats for dogs that are very stomach sensitive or have allergies. They come in a variety of different flavors. They are gourmet treats made with real meat!

These tasty treats only have 3 calories of natural flavors. That can be a great option for dogs that really need to keep an eye on their weight. It contains whole food antioxidants and all the ingredients are 100% natural without using wheat, corn or soy.

Price for a big bag is about $12

4. Wellness Natural dog treats

This formula is especially made for puppies! Adult dogs also can benefit from these natural, grain free tasty treats. Is great for dogs with allergies and sensitive stomach . 

Each flavor is made with two different types of real meat. It’s main ingredients are salmon and lamb, free of artificial flavors and colors. It also had “superfood” ingredients like sweet potato to offer additional vitamins, minerals, and beta carotene.

These treats are soft making it a great choice for toy breeds as well. 

The treats are smaller in size than adult versions for an easier chew and consist of 14 percent protein, 16 percent fat, 2 percent fiber, and 30 percent moisture.

5. Pet botanicals training reward 

These treats don’t easily crumble or break and they can last forever in your treat pouch without getting too hard. 

They are small, low calorie and delicious. They are great for repetitive use. The treats consist of 12 percent protein, 7 percent fat, 4 percent fiber, 30 percent moisture, and their first ingredient is pork liver.

Price for 500 treats is about $10

Natural Treats:


You can cut them small and they are low calorie and good for your dog’s teeth. They are great for puppies that are teething as well.

2. Cheese

What dog doesn’t love cheese? I wouldn’t recommend more than 1-2 slices per day but you can cut it in small pieces, mix it with other treats or use it as a high reward. Cheese is my go to reward for puppies.

Some dogs are lactose intolerant. Try a few bites first and see how the dog reacts after a few hours. Don’t feed your dog blue cheese, goat cheese, feta, Brie or cheeses with herbs.

Cheese is a good source of vitamin A, B-complex vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, zinc and essential fatty acid.

3. Apple

Dogs can eat any type of apple but it is not a good idea to feed the dog the core. Apple seeds are harmful when they build up in your dog’s stomach. Also, start small and see how your dog reacts to this yummy treat.

4. Cooked chicken

Amazing source of protein and dogs will do anything for chicken. Please cook it without salt or condiments. 

Dogs can be allergic to chicken. It is actually the 3rd most common cause in allergies in canines so please be aware of how your pup reacts after a few bites. Don’t feed your dog raw chicken. Raw chicken can cause salmonella and bacteria infections. Do not feed your dog chicken bones either.

5. Rice

Easy for canines to digest, easy to feed low quantities, good source of carbohydrates that turn into energy and a source of iron, vitamins D and B3. 

Rice has a lot of calories so rice should not be more than 10% of your dogs daily calorie count. You can feed your dog brown rice as well. Rice is very good for dogs that have an upset stomach.

Other healthy snacks for your doggie:

  • Blueberry
  • strawberry
  • watermelon
  • green beans
  • pumpkin











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