How to teach your dog to put away toys

How to teach your dog to put away toys
April 4, 2019 admin

This is one of my favorite tricks. Get ready for some fun with your pup!

1.Teach fetch:


You will need:


Bowl or box

Clicker and Treats

1. Place your bowl on the floor in front of your feet

Throw his ‘fetch’ toy to the ground, and say ‘fetch’

Wait for him to come back to you and hover over the box or bucket that is at your feet.  Click or say good job showing your pup the reward, he will let it go if the food is a bigger reward than the toys. If food is not enough try a toy of higher value.  You can also get cheese or hot dogs.

Once your pup is bringing the toy back and getting it in the bucket consistently, start to repeat the “fetch” while backing away from the bucket. He will figure out that he needs to drop it in the bucket not at your feet, and when he does reward him with treats and lots of praise.

Do short sessions of 5-6 repetitions each for a few days. Then you can add a second toy. Remember: consistency is the key for successful dog training.

Once your doggie comes back with the first toy, reward him and throw the second toy.

After a few sessions place the second toy on the floor, you can slowly add more toys to the equation.

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