• May312022

    3 ways to create mindful and peaceful moments with your dog

    Dogs can relate to our emotions pretty quickly. They usually feel anxious or scare when we do. I find it very important to take small moments in which I connect…

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  • May052022

    Easy and Affordable Longevity Hacks

    You are what you eat, do and breathe, and so is your dog. Unfortunately they can’t make wise decisions on their own. They trust our good judgment to make the…

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  • Dec122021

    How to stop your dog from bolting out of the door

    Is your dog a escape artist ? Does he get way to excited when going or a walk or greeting people outside your house ? Here’s some great ways to…

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  • Oct122021

    Super Puppies 101

      Dogs are social creatures that, like humans, will retain information and experiences in early life situations and carry them from puppy to adulthood. Everything your puppy learns when he…

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  • Sep192021

    Qualities of a dog MAESTRO

      Dogs rely on us for shelter, security and survival . They are a reflection of ourselves. I am sure you’ve listened to the phrase “our dog is a mirror…

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  • Mar012021

    How to teach your dog not to pull on the leash

      To begin I want to explain a fundamental concept in dog training.  Dogs learn with operant conditioning. Meaning positive consequences are more likely to occur in the future if…

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