Application Process

Step 1

Our service dog application process its meant to give us all the information that we need in order to match the best dog that is going to provide service for you or the applicant.

First, we need a completed Preliminary Application that is going to help our team learn about household schedules, lifestyle and a background history of the applicant and their lifestyle.

Fill out the following: Autism Assistance Preliminary Application or the Service Dog Preliminary Application

Service Dog Preliminary Application Autism Assistance Preliminary Application
Step 2 Application Process

Step 2

Once we review and approve the preliminary information we will set up a brief meeting either in person or via Skype. In this interview we are going to review the information, interact with the patient or guardian. This will give us a better idea of what tasks we can consider for your future service dog. The family will have the option to meet puppies or dogs that are in training at our facility. In this visit we get more information about the patient history and interactions. We talk about the breed that will best suit you according to the size, temperament and lifestyle of the applicant.

Step two also requires a $50 application fee.

Application Fee
Step 3 Application Process

Step 3

After a detailed review of the information in the previous step, our team will make a decision regarding the acceptance of the applicant.

Our team will then create a summary of potential pets for your review and proceed with the purchase of a dog. Good Dogs acquires and holds the dog for you until training begins. At this time, you have the opportunity to meet the dog and begin your bonding process. Our team also uses this time to meet you and the applicant to better assess the situation. This meeting is very helpful for us to make specific changes to the training we will perform with the dog. Once training begins, we require 50% of the total fee for the dog.

The training cycle takes approximately 4-12 months for a service dog. This variation is due to the different levels of training each customized training program demands. Throughout the process, we will continue to work together to obtain additional information to assist us in training the dog. We will also update you frequently on the training and progress being made. Our standard service dog has advanced off leash obedience training.

Dogs requiring additional training will increase in price. Please feel free to contact us for more detailed pricing to fit your needs. Most families we work with will raise funds for the cost of the dog through fundraisers and donations from their community. We would be happy to help guide you and your family to some resources that you can use to help organize fund raising.

Step 4 Application Process

Step 4

Once the training is complete, you can either come to our facility to pick up the dog (we will want to spend about 5 days working with you) or we can deliver the dog to your home. In home delivery is preferred by a majority of our clients and will require additional costs for our team’s travel. Some of the benefits of in home delivery include:

  • Teaching the entire family how to work with the dog in your home where it will live and work.
  • Our trainer(s) come to you so that you do not have to travel.
  • We are able to work with your family outside the home in restaurants, theaters, stores and other places that you commonly visit.
  • Our trainers are able to answer questions and demonstrate techniques to help get the most from your dog while it is transitioning to your home

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