We are a business dedicated to developing dogs with a purpose. Our training releases a dog’s potential based on their personality, breed and function.


We believe that we can create a world where humans and dogs coexist in a better environment, understanding each other needs and lifting each other up one paw at a time.

About Us

Daniela Carrera is a Service Dog trainer and a Dog Trainer Specialist who graduated from Starmark Behavior Center and Highland Canine Training. She has successfully trained over 200 dogs in the past 7 years.

She believes every dog should be trained depending on their temperament and personality so she has a different approach to every dog she meets, emphasizing and using the canine qualities to get better results.

Good Dogs has been around since 2013. The passion to train and care for dogs started in Ecuador, where our team developed a successful dog-training program.

Good Dogs developed methods and training that have proven to be successful in all environments. At any level of training, Good Dogs can help you develop a great relationship with your pet and help you develop the behaviors you and your dog deserve!

We are always expanding our knowledge and commitment to dog owners and now our training facility is located in Leesburg, VA where we offer private, online, and group classes. We also offer boarding and training programs. We have our service dog-training program that is delivering service dogs across the world to those in need!

One of Daniela’s keys for successfully trained service dogs is early socialization in intense, sensory overloaded environments.

She believes almost every dog has a chance to become a service dog if it learns to perform proper obedience everywhere and if it gets the right exposure to new things.

The relationship she has with her service dogs in training is unique and valuable to her. Service Dogs that are trained by Daniela are eager to please and have structured training foundations.

Theo, Daniela’s loyal companion. Theo is a retired therapy dog. He still helps Daniela train other dogs as well. You will see him in our “Paws Up blog”, Posing for our cameras. Theo is a world traveler from Ecuador, South America. His instagram is @thegoodtheo.

Ali, Daniela’s Service Demo Dog, waving from the distance. Follow her adventures on instagram! @alitheservicedog

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