About Us



We are a business dedicated to developing dogs with a purpose. Our training releases a dog's potential based on their personality, breed and function.


A little background info…

Good Dogs has been around since 2012. The passion to train and care for dogs started in Ecuador, where our team developed a successful dog training program, with professional training from the finest and most highly rated training schools across the USA. GoodDogs has developed methods and training that have proven to be successful in all environments. At any level of training, Good Dogs can help you develop a great relationship with your pet, and help you develop the behaviors you and your dog deserve!

Daniela Carrera and her crew moved to Leesburg,VA to spread their passion and their commitment with dog owners. Daniela is the lead dog training specialist and lead Service dog trainer at GoodDogs. They offer customized dog training and service dog assistance to health care clinics among many other services. In particular, GoodDogs has developed a Service Dog training program that is providing service dogs across the USA to those in need!

Our Story

2012: Lord Guau, a company providing grooming, boarding and care opened its doors introducing “train you and your dog”. They opened their new training facility and helped clients with problematic dogs. After a short time, top pet-friendly restaurants, malls and parks started admitting our trained dogs all across Ecuador, South America.

2013: After helping more than 200 families turn problematic and anxious dogs into obedient and fun members for their families, GoodDogs Inc. was born! It started with private lessons, group classes, therapy dog group classes, and school and hospitals visits.

2014: Dog events like camping with your dog, doggie beach events, dog diving, and bonding activities were taking place in Ecuador. Dog owners started to recognize the importance of spending time with their dogs and the importance of their dog's role in the family

2018: Good Dogs trainers specialized in service dog training and began training a delivering service dogs with a new mission : Communicate and create awareness of the different tasks service dogs can do to improve a patients lifestyle

2019: Good Dogs moved to Leesburg,Va. We began to training and delivering successful service dogs for seizure alert, mobility, stability, autism assistance, diabetes and medical alert.

Here we are focusing on making service dogs work better by using techniques for socializing them with different people, animals, and environments. Matching service dogs with the patient’s personality and needs, we started to create service dogs that work for specific tasks and can behave anywhere and everywhere!