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Our online courses are a great way to train your dog. We offer courses to build fundamental skills with your new puppy, courses to specifically address bad habits like chewing or potty training problems, and ongoing training to help keep your adult dog sharp and healthy.
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    Fetch is a great way to get your mental and physical stimulated. It promotes bonding and enhances communication with your best friend. Wether you are searching for cool tricks to teach your dog, work on mobility assistance service dog tasks or get your dog to retrieve his ball, this course is the right fit for you and your pup.
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    Crate Training

    Crate training is one of the most fundamentals and strong commands in dog training. Dogs are meant to have their own close space were they can relax, play and rest. In this course you’ll learn how to proper condition your puppy or adult to like the crate and go when it’s required. Crate training can solve potty training problems, anxiety related issues, aggression, and much more. A dog that has a regimented schedule and structure around its lifestyle will perform and behave better.
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    Separation and Isolation anxiety

    “When you are calm, it brings me back” Is your dog anxious when you leave him in the house? Does he pee in the house even if he is potty trained? Does he exhibit any destructive behaviors when left home alone? Your dog may either have isolation anxiety, separation anxiety or both. We love creating independent, bold, loving four legged companions. In this course, will talk about separation and isolation anxiety, how to fix it and what steps to follow to ensure your dog feels secure in his own space.
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    Close is typically used in Mobility Service Dog training to shut doors. You can also teach it to your four legged companion to get his brain going, communicate better with him and to impress your friends and family.

Private Classes

Develop a balanced relationship with your dog through training!

If you want to strengthen your communication and enhance the bond with your dog, then you need to have a better understanding of how your dog thinks and perceives his world.

Our training program will be based on your dog’s needs and will adjust to your lifestyle and goals. We believe in short but successful training sessions that will keep your pup attentive and ready.

We want to create happy, confident dogs that behave because they understand what we expect them to do and because we have a strong consistent relationship. 


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Service Dogs

Our unique program offers an extensive range of well-trained service dogs. Our service dogs perform tasks for people in need throughout a variety of environments. We match our clients and our dogs based on their lifestyle and our training is tailored to each family and their specific needs.

We deliver and place successful Service Dogs all over the world. Contact us to learn how a service dog can help your family and loved ones. .

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Our Head Coach

Daniela Carrera

We believe that we can create a world were humans and dogs coexist in a better environment, understanding each other’s needs and lifting each other up one paw at a time.

Daniela Carrera is a Service Dog trainer and a Dog Trainer Specialist that graduated from Starmark Behavior Center and Highland Canine Training.

She has successfully trained over 200 dogs in the past 7 years. She believes every dog should be trained depending on their temperament and personality so she has a different approach to every dog she meets, emphasizing and using the canine’s qualities to get better results.

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