Here’s the story about Rocco and Tito. Both of them were afraid of dealing with the outside world. Rocco was aggressive towards other dogs and Tito was a rescue that didn’t trust other people and dogs as well. Getting out of the house was a nightmare!

We use training techniques that help to rebuild confidence and trusting relationships between your dog and the many things it interacts with throughout the day. One of those techniques is called desensitization, where we teach you and your dog how to relax in stressful situations. Another is called Counter Conditioning. This technique directly addresses bad behavior that is a result of stressful or negative reactions to your dog's environment. We help to retrain your dog's response to different situations using techniques you can continue to use after working with us. These help channel the dog's energy into a more productive outlet by rewarding them when they are doing the correct behavior. We teach clients how to deal with their “problematic dog” and as soon as the dog starts to respond better owners start to feel more comfortable.

After a few lessons Rocco and Tito started to attend group classes and then they joined us in our therapy sessions at schools, nursing homes and hospitals.

I Wish I Found Her Sooner!

November 13, 2019

Daniela is such a phenomenal, patient, and effective trainer for both you and your dog. She works with you and your lifestyle as well as with your dog and his training style requirements. She is great with communication and really wants to help you and your dog be the best team possible weather it is a service dog team, therapy dog, or just your dog best friend. She even did extra research on how to help me with my service dog in training for a task she has not done before, and for that, I am truly grateful! With Daniela, I know my dog is in really capable, responsible hands.


Excellent Trainer!

October 12, 2019

Daniella was recommended to us by our dog walker and we couldn’t be happier with our experience. She did an amazing job with our pup! After just a couple visits Daniella had our 4 month old pup heeling on the leash and responding more consistently to come, sit and in place. She definitely knows her stuff and was great to work with! This is our first dog, so she also trained us on how to give the commands and follow through with positive rewards to re-in force them! She also worked with the kids too. Our pup has more endurance to build with distractions and Daniella gave us the tools we need to help him get there. Thanks Daniella!


XEvil can break ANY Captcha.

September 25, 2019

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Daniela is great!

May 31, 2019

Daniela from Good Dogs Training did an amazing job with our service dog, Betty! Daniela was very helpful in coordinating with the breeder and handled all the planning upfront for us. She took great care of Betty in her early months of training by keeping her up to date on shots, etc. and sent us videos and updates along the way. When we finally got Betty, she was perfectly trained – off leash, sit, down, place, crate and more in addition to her medical alert training and emotional support assistance she provides. She never cried in her crate, chewed on anything or other common puppy habits. We worked on training together with Daniela for about a week for her to teach us how to continue training Betty. We could not be more happy with the job Daniela did and she was so great to work with.

Rick & Kelly Morris

So helpful!

May 25, 2019

Daniella helped us with our new labradoodle puppy and I am so grateful to her for her advice and training techniques. She really understands the inner mind of a puppy and translates it into meaningful and logical methods that is making training much easier. Thank you Daniella!

Charlotte Drinkwater

We are so happy

May 17, 2019

Daniella trainer is all!!! Our dog, my wife and me! We absolutely love our dog and want to take her everywhere with us. Thanks to Daniella we can and it’s easy and enjoyable ALWAYS! Daniella has a true gift with dogs and it is amazing to watch how quickly she taught our dog (and us). We feel so lucky to have found her

Frank Speno

Exceeded my expectations

May 17, 2019

Daniella trainee our Cockapoo Lulu and the results have been AMAZING. It became immediately clear she has a special gift, dogs respond to her quickly. We are an active family and love to take our dog with us and thanks to Daniella we can do everything with our dog. It’s fun and it’s easy and we are grateful!

Frank Speno

Rescue dog to service dog

December 3, 2018

Daniela was amazing with my rescue pit bull Angel. She was good in the house but had some issues leashwalking and meeting new dogs. Since working with Good Dogs training I have brought Angel to restaurants, grocery stores, and she has flown with me several times. We continue to work on her tasks as Daniela has taught us that training is an ongoing process and I continue to be impressed by Angel’s progress and Daniela’s guidance. We have worked with several trainers and classes but Daniela has been the best by far. She understands me and my needs as well as my dogs needs and behaviors. Truly a dog person and an incredible trainer and FRIEND!


My Samuel

November 11, 2018

I never though I would have another dog, after a long and loving experience with my French Buldog named Samira, her loss really affected me. But then, fortunately Samuel came into my life to prove me wrong. I had no idea how this new dog love and experience would be in a totally different moment in my life but i took the challenge. And thats when I met Daniela Carrera, who helped so this experience would be the best one I have ever had. Daniela helped me realize how a dog can be a life long partner and accompany me in every moment of my life. A Boston Terrier is not an easy dog to have, however it a loving and adorable one. Being able to be a part of Samuel’s training helped me in many ways, to grow as a human being and experience this great dog love. I am very grateful to Daniela for giving me the opportunity to enjoy this journey alongside Samuel. Thank you Daniela for teaching me so much, for all your dedication, love and mostly patience. I continue to apply her trainings and knowledge to mine and Samuel’s daily lives. Without a doubt I would recommend this training for anyone looking to have an amazing relationship with their dog.

Sergio Guimaraes

Dani trained us both!

October 26, 2018

Daniela and her “team” are simply the BEST. They take dog training well beyond the simple SIT, STAY, HEAL, etc. and have taught ME how to effectively reinforce discipline in my Pit/Lab “fur-baby”. Dani can “read” a dog by their body language and reacts so that the dog understands and learns. She was able to teach my “Emma” (and I) so much in such a short amount of time. My “Emma” loves Dani and her team; “Theo” and “Ali”, and you will too.

Debra Sousa

4.94.9 out of 5 stars (based on 23 reviews)
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